I am a designer and programmer living in Los Angeles, California.

My work focuses on the construction and communication of computational systems and data visualizations. I’m excited by the conversion of simple computational rules into complex systems, and the way that these systems interact with their environments. I see the specific contexts that surround the construction and manipulation of data as elements that need to be made visible through design. I often begin with strict material or technical constraints, like a single drawing function, and progress with playful experimentation and recursive expansion. This work inverts common approaches. Rather than seamlessly presenting complicated systems with overly simple interfaces, my approach makes legible the building blocks of complexity in pursuit of a more transparent and approachable technology. My graduate work has been in pursuit of these themes, fuzing interactive data visualization with narrative and contextual specificity to create new tools for knowledge production.

I received a BA in Computer Science from Bowdoin College in 2017, and an MFA in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design in 2021.

email: mwbernard9@gmail.com