Nimbus is an open-source, interactive web-based tool for visualizing and analyzing multivariate climate simulations produced by the CliMA research group. This project was initiated at NASA JPL and CalTech during the Data to Discovery summer research program, and was selected for continued work by P.I. Tapio Schneider.

I was the CS lead for the summer project, working to interpret and analyze raw data from the researchers, and translate it into a customized application that helps them to better interact with the information they produce. This involved an iterative, participatory design process, weekly meetings with researchers, and collaboration with the designers in the program, Rachel Waterhouse and Barbara Alonso. I further collaborated on implementing the software with Rachel Waterhouse.

Continued work on the project has involved the addition of a data parsing program, which translates the NetCDF data produced by CliMA to a binary JSON format that Nimbus reads, as well as a front end interface that allows the user to choose from a library of datasets. 

Github Repository

Design Process:

Project Mentors:
Santiago Lombeyda
Maggie Hendrie
Scott Davidoff
Hillary Mushkin

CliMA Collaborators:
Tapio Schneider
Akshay Sridhar
Lenka Novakova
Zhaoyi Shen