Group System Drawing from Martin Bernard on Vimeo.

To develop a set of simple rules to define a drawing. These rules then constitute the drawing itself, and each execution of the rules is an instance of the drawing. As a class, we created a list of rules and a tool for creating the drawing.

Our tool was an 8’ section of rope, with a bolt at one end and markers of different colors placed incrementally down the length of the rope. The bolt is then placed on the wall, and each marker can be used to create a circle with a consistent radius.

The wall: The wall was split into 4 horizontal sections. The section that each mark started in determined the marker with which the mark was made.

One each turn, a person draws an arc of any length with a radius determined by where they are on the wall. The next person then projects a ray from any point along that arc, that is the same length as the arc’s radius. These steps then repeat.